Aastha Gill: Saara India is my first Punjabi song!

INTRODUCTION: After a lot of Buzz  Aastha Gill and Priyank Sharma are back with Saara India. They spoke to Joanne D'silva about working together once again and shared details about where the music video was shot. They told her about their plans for collaborating again for a music video that will focus more on dance.... 

Aastha, how did you come on board for Saara India

It was high time that I released a new song, as my fans were waiting. After Buzz, it has been almost a year. For Bollywood I did a couple of songs, but then in the independent music scene, my fans were asking for a new song. And this was the best time to release Saara India, because summer vacations are here and everyone will be going on holiday with their family or loved ones. So if they are travelling, they will connect to the song. 

Priyank, what made you say yes to doing the music video for Saara India

I won't say what made me say yes for the song - we work as a team. And the relationship between Aastha and me is like a team. It is not about us thinking about ourselves - of course we do that, but when we are wanting to work as a team, we think about both perspectives and agree on one decision. The soul of the song is Aastha Gill, because it is her voice. I always remind her of that, because she tends to forget it (Laughs). I'm a part of this song, but what has made the song is definitely her voice. And I can't take that credit away from her. So whenever we are doing a project like this, we are on the phone and always connected - I am discussing my projects and she is discussing her projects. 

Aastha: I discuss my work with him. 

Priyank: We finally came to a point - should we do this song? We kept thinking, how will the song look good as a final product? So we thought about the project, its pros and cons, because people have already seen us together in Buzz. Individually, if I think about Astha in Buzz and me, and Badshah Bhai was there...we were already in that space. Badshah is a rapper so he had an appearance, but definitely I was a part of it. I was taking the space away that was supposed to be Aastha and Badshah's. I wondered, is it going to be good for your single, because I remembered that last year I told her, 'When you release your second single, do it alone'. Later we had a discussion and we thought that there was no problem. Also, fans were asking us to release a song together again. 

Aastha: So the idea came from there. People loved our chemistry in Buzz and they wanted to see us together again. And we both got so many messages from fans asking us to collaborate again. I called Priyank and told him that 'I think we should do one more single together and people will love it'. And it worked - people have fallen in love with the track! 

Priyank: We put a weird thought process together and people should know what a bond me and Aastha share with each other. If I have a few people following me, they definitely know Aastha, I can vouch for that. So because of the song, people get to know who she is - this is the beauty of it. A lot of the time people don't know how it works and if we don't like certain things, we say no. If Aastha loses, eventually it will be my loss as well. 

Where was the music video shoot? 

Aastha: It was in India. The mountain region is in Chail (Shimla). I went there for the first time and I was like, 'Wow, what a place!' The highway round was near Chandigarh and then Goa. 

How was the experience shooting the music video? 

Aastha: It was good. Me and Priyank love travelling and we had to travel for this shoot. So it was more like an experience, than working. 

Priyank: I have worked for different projects and this project working with Aastha, with Sony Music, it was a completely different experience for me. They are like family to me.

Aastha: Even the music director Arvindr Khaira and his team - we met him after Buzz, so we all were happy that we collaborated again. And at the end of the shoot, we all got a bit emotional. 

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What about the choreography? 

Priyank: The choreography was done by Vinay Khandelwal. 

Astha: It was beautifully choreographed by him. And there was more dancing, but the demand for the video was more for travelling. Priyank, let's do a dance video now, excluding the travelling this time! 

Aastha, Mix Singh has composed the song - how was it working with him? 

He is such a talented person. He did Sakhiyan for Maninder Buttar. After that I got to know about him, so I went to him and I asked him to make something nice for me. He told me that he has a song that will suit my vocals. When he played the song I was happy, because it is amazing. First thing I did was, I made Badshah listen to the song. He told me to record the song as it is fabulous and it will be a hit. Badshah approved the song and then I dubbed it. This is my first Punjabi song. I am considered a Punjabi artiste, but I have not done a Punjabi song recently.