Adam Lambert’s New eyes is 70s inspired
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It has been an exciting few years for Adam Lambert who has been touring as the lead vocalist of Queen. Few singers get the chance to become the lead singer of a beloved band. They made history by being the first rock band to open the Oscar ceremony.

Adam Lambert has had a very successful solo career as well after being a runner up on American Idol in 2009. He has hits like Whataya want from me and Ghost town to his name. He has just released his new song called New eyes.

The song and video are both 70s inspired. Adam Lambert has grown his hair and is dressed in party outfits of that decade. The song is ambient and lightly psychedelic in nature, very similar to some Tame Impala songs. In fact, his sound in this song seems to be influenced by them. Throughout the song, Adam Lambert sings in a smooth falsetto. The song gets a bit repetitive after a while though.

The video is quite fascinating. It is set in a disco in The 70s. A bunch of troubled people seem to be made happier when they’re given glowing green objects. Their scenes are interspersed with Adam Lambert performing with his backing band. What’s really amazing is that they are all women. Generally in backing bands from the 70s everyone was male. But a progressive angle has been taken by this video.

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