Alder Eye: Easier to get out there, tougher to get noticed!

Karan Ghosh, David Tauro and Kamran Raza of the progressive rock band Alder Eye spoke to SoundboxIndia about the creative process, music video and more…

Why is the band's name Alder Eye?

Karan: We went through a bunch of names at the start, which was a vigorous process. Alder is a wood used to make musical instruments. It is one of the most versatile woods you can find. And that is how we approach songwriting. We like breaking even between all moods. Alder Eye to us represents tonal versatility. The name just stuck after a while.

What are you currently working on?

David: We’re always working on new stuff. There’s no fixed process. We might start with a guitar riff or bassline and then add percussion. Generally we make the song skeleton first.

Karan: After this EP we will adopt a more organic approach to songwriting. We’ll just come together and lay ideas one on top of the other.

How did you form as a band?

Karan: It started out in 2010, when Kamran (the bassist) and us were a bunch of 14-year-olds. We’d just meet and jam. We had another drummer and singer who had to leave and go elsewhere. We just met along the way - people with similar interests in music.

Is it easier for bands to get noticed now than ten years ago?

David: Not necessarily.

Kamran: There is this weird dichotomy where you have the platform, but not enough eyes on you.

David: There’s just so many bands out there. There are many more platforms these days, but at the same time many more bands and musicians out there, each very different. I wouldn’t say it's easier.

Kamran: It’s easier to get out there, but tougher to be noticed.

Karan: With social media, there’s branding and a lot more than creating a song and hoping everyone likes it. You need to market yourself and be presentable. Not like ten years ago, where you would just play something and hope to get noticed.

David: For independent bands, I’d say it’s the same.

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Who are your major influences?

Karan: We all have our own influences, but all of us listen to Tool and Porcupine Tree. Those are influences from the progressive rock side of the music we make. We have individual influences like John Mayer.

David: I’m a huge Alter Bridge fan. Myles Kennedy is a huge inspiration. I have grunge roots - which I obsessively listened to before shifting to metal.

Karan: Another interesting thing is, we don’t discriminate between genres. Music is music. We are open to everything.

How do you resolve conflicts?

Karan: We don’t!

Kamran: We just fight it out!

David: Whatever we do in music is generally unanimous. If four of us like it but one doesn’t, we take that into consideration.

What inspired your first music video?

Karan: I had a lot of ideas, but we just wanted to capture our chemistry. The music video is just us being ourselves.