Alder eye: Just believe in yourself

Karan Ghosh, David Tauro and Kamran Raza of the progressive rock band Alder Eye spoke to SoundboxIndia about the creative process, music video and more…

One thing people should know before joining a band...?

Kamran: There’s not much money involved. The return on investment will only come five to six years later.

David: You have to be prepared to spend more than you make. Don’t treat music as a business. Don’t expect money. If you end up making a lot, it should shock you. Just make music for the sake of music. That’s what our EP is about. And stop chasing the spotlight.

What is your ultimate ambition as a band?

Karan: This will sound clichéd, but we want to be the best. Not like in the world, but the best at what we can be. Just believe in yourself and be realistic. But if you don’t believe in yourself, you’ll never get there.

David: All bands should have that attitude: that they will be the best at what they can be and own the stage. Personally, I’d love to play at Rock am Ring in Germany. I’ve been there and it's fabulous.

Karan: If you just put in the effort and be like “let’s see what happens” and you don’t push yourself with passion, you won’t get far. Look what happened to Jon Snow. He kept refusing the throne and then he was exiled. Believe in yourself and one day you will be King in the North. We just want to reach a point where everyone loves what we do.

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Any memorable incident you have from performing together?

Karan: I’m speaking for myself. At our EP launch gig I just blacked out, since I had so much fun. We were all connected.

Kamran: Karan came to me after it was over and said he can’t remember anything!

David: Eventually we’ll get better and every gig should feel like the first.