Amaal Mallik loves THIS singer's voice - who and why?

Yesterday we at SoundboxIndia wrote about debuts in Bollywood music. If you haven't read that story, click the link here. The news about debutant singer Mohd Kalam who was introduced by renowned lyricist Manoj Munstashir, is making the right noises in the musical world. The song that he is releasing is called Tera shehar

Now Amaal Mallik shares his views on the boy and also talks about what really inspired him to compose the track. Revealing more about it he said: "Any melody comes to you in a moment of complete silence and peace. In this case, Mohd. Kalam's voice for me and the sheer expression in it got this tune out of me. The boy is talented, unique and extremely determined. With such traits, being inspired and coming up with a tune gets a little easier than it generally is.”

Talking about Kalam’s talent, Amaal said: "Mohd Kalam's voice and the sheer expression in it, moves me. I hear singers on a daily basis and there are some who really end up touching your heart. For me, his dedication will always stand out. Mohd happens to have a beautiful voice. When Manoj sir and I met him, it was decided that this voice needs a medium and a source from which it can make a place for itself. Tera shehar is a medium through which a complete outsider to our industry will receive a platform to show the world what he's made of and then we'll hope that it moves only upwards, from that point on, for him.”

The music video was shot in the picturesque locations of Armenia and is directed by Shabby. The music features Himansh Kohli and Pia Bajpiee and the song is all set to release on July 2. Till then, stay tuned to SoundboxIndia for updates from the musical world.