Anu Malik gets another earful from his accusers as he gets back to work!

On Monday this week, Anu Malik released a new single, done with rapper Parry G. Have you  heard it? 

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While we think perhaps he should have got someone else to sing it, that is not quite the point right now. After the sexual harassment accusations that were levelled at him in the frenzy of the #MeToo movement that burst into the public eye earlier this year, anyone would have thought that the musician would prefer to keep a low profile. Malik seems to believe that he has done nothing wrong; in fact, he recently said in an interview that “I was suddenly out of work for no rhyme or reason.”

Everyone is entitled to their own self-belief and perceptions. But singer Sona Mohapatra, who was the one who pointed a nicely manicured finger at Malik accusing him of sexual assault when the whole thing hit the fan, was not very happy with the music director’s statement. She tore into him with “Anu Malik, these were the reasons, rhyme you go figure.” And she shared quotes from women who made allegations of sexual misconduct against Malik. Sona also cautioned the TV channel that had invited him on a music reality show as a guest, saying “One more ‘reason’ & the number of them is quite large Mr. Anu Malik. Do take note, producers of @superstarsinge @SonyLIV, your show hosting him is supposed to be aimed at kids between 2 & 15 yrs?” If you remember, singer Shweta Pandit had accused Malik of asking her for a kiss when she was a 15 year old, in exchange for giving her work.  

To be honest, the fact that Anu Malik is getting back to his former world is not surprising. After all, other people from the music world have also been accused of sexual harassment and are back at work in this very public domain. Will anything be done to prevent future incidents? Who knows!