Aparshakti Khurana: Tahira Kashyap and I wanted Kudiye ni to be simple!

INTRODUCTION: Aparshakti Khurana talks to Joanne D'silva about Tahira Kashyap's personality, her working style and a lot more.  We asked him if he and his brother Ayushmaan Khurrana will collaborate - he told us simply that the craft should be special for that to happen. He also shared his experience of working with Neeti Mohan and Sargun Mehta....

Q. How was it working with Tahira Kashyap on professional terms? 

I think it is not very different, the way she is in the personal space is exactly the same way that she behaves in the professional space as well. I think she has a very organic way of writing and directing. Even her short film Toffee was so real in the approach. So we just wanted a simple, real video - it is a really simple song. In the past, so many years we didn't want to feature big brands, big cars, where we also get to listen to lyrics about them. We didn't really want to take that route and wanted to be as simple as possible. I think all of us, be it Tahira Kashyap, me, my wife Akriti, Neeti Mohan or Sargun Mehta, we are not creatively included in the setup, but we are all from small towns and now living in a big city, in Mumbai. I think because you are from a small town, at heart you are very simple people. And you need to give that vibe in your craft. If you are able to do that, people will connect more often. 

Q. Do we see you and your brother Ayushamann Khurrana collaborating any time soon?  

I don't know - that is a very tough question to answer, because he is doing really well in his space and I have a fairly good graph in my space as well. For us to collaborate on something, it has to be really special, and both of us are genuinely caught up with so much work. But the narration is happening and the right kind of directors are approaching us, the kind of directors I and Ayushamann want to work with. So hopefully on film front or maybe the music front, whatever clicks firsts and creatively keeps us together, we will try to do something soon.  

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Q. What made you think Sargun would fit the role in Kudiye ni?  

Sargun is from Chandigarh and the song is about Chandigarh. We genuinely wanted an organic process to happen and to arrange things accordingly. So while I was writing the song I thought that I have written  Mundeya ve ho na mere pichhe lattu, nazar jo lagi kahan se laungi nazarbattu,  so there should be a girl to feature in the music video who is from Chandigarh. I instantly thought of Sargun. If you talk about Punjabi films, she is the best they have. We were always in touch, but I could not break this thing to her, because I thought it all should happen through a process. Abhishek Banerjee and Anmol Ahuja run a company called Casting Bay. I asked them if they wanted to give me other options. They said that Sargun was perfect. Also, she is a typical Punjabi kudi, the person who comes to mind when you think about the song, when you sing the song, or when you listen to the song.