AR Rahman and Shashaa Tirupati sing Singapenney in Bigil!

Music man AR Rahman composes and sings in his signature style in Singapenney. The track is a female anthem and the title - 'Singapenney' - says it all!  For those who don't understand the language, Singapenney actually means "an extremely brave woman", or 'lion girl', in literal translation. The music is from Atlee Kumar's film Bigil, which  features Vijay and Nayanthara is in the lead roles. The music video features Rahman playing the piano and at the start director Atlee is seen giving the brief for the song while the lyricist Vivek explains the words. 

The song is motivational and inspirational. And the cherry on the musical cake is that Shashaa Tirupati sings along with Rahman and they both sound absolutely fabulous together and solo. The rhythm of the track is addictive and you will be humming it, for sure. The lyrics are written by Vivek. The musical arrangement and song are inspiring. It is said that the number will appear at a crucial time in the film, when Vijay coaches the Tamil Nadu women's football team.

Now while we wait for the actual clip from the film the makers have released Singapenney performed by Rahman and Shashaa. Check it out right here.

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