Arjun Kanungo: My next song will be out in two-three months!

Arjun Kanungo talks to Joanne D'silva about his recently released song, Woh baarishein, which is already making waves this season in the musical world. He shared how he composed the haunting tune for his song and told us about his experience working with Shriya Pilagoankar. He also revealed what is next on his list and more... 

How did you come up with such a beautiful tune? 

I really don't know. This question I really can't answer, because God has given me such talent and put it in my brain. And whatever tune I get comes from somewhere mysterious, but it definitely comes from a good place, pyaar se aata hai, and that is my thought about music. And you can't really explain it, but everybody feels it. So when I came up with this tune and after I hummed it to a few people,  they remembered it. And that is the power of this tune. 

How was your experience working with Shriya Pilgaonkar? 

Amazing. Shriya is a sweet girl and I think she is genuine and a very good actress. She is also very alented and always determined about her work. I think she was perfect for this music video. 

What is one quality you like about Shriya Pilgaonkar? 

I think she is very clear about things. I like clarity in people - I don't like people who are confused. And she has never seemed confused at all. 

Whom would you dedicate this song to? 

I would dedicate this song to every girlfriend who has ever broken up with me. 

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What is next on your list? 

I really cannot disclose it now, but my new songs are right in process and two  are already all set to release. I can't talk about these songs much because my audience will get distracted. People have just started liking my new song, Woh baarishein. So I will give it a little time for the song to become a hit. In two-three months I will be releasing more songs. I can only disclose that one is a party song and the other is a love song. The party song is a very big collaboration with two big artistes. The second song is written by Mayur Puri.