Asha Bhosle, Prasoon Joshi and others write to PM Narendra Modi!

The BJP has governed India for five years now and is all set to do it for another five. Sadly, life is not all joy right now and does not seem to be heading for better days. Why? It all centres around the issue of intolerance and non-acceptance of anything beyond very rigid limits. A number of celebrities have become involved in discussing the matter – 49 of them, including veteran singer Asha Bhosle and lyricist Prasoon Joshi, have written a strong letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to say that ‘Jai Sri Ram’ have become a ‘war cry’ that is provoking destructive behaviour leading to law and order problems in the country.

What attracted the attention of SoundboxIndia is what Asha Bhosle had to say to all of it. She tweeted, “Sun Maro Dum…Bolo Subh Shyam Hare Krishna Hare Ram..can I perform this evergreen song or not?” Take a look 

When asked about it by a media outlet, she responded,

"This is just a mazedar tweet. It is based on what is happening in the recent times. It doesn't mean anything.” But is she afraid of actually singing the song that has become an integral part of her identity? She told the reporter, "Why should I fear it? I am an artiste. I am not scared."

Sadly, another group of celebs has responded to the letter by indicating their support to the current government. Which team will win this one? Or will it be the triumph of good sense so that tolerance and peace can prevail?