Badshah taps into his Haryanvi side for Grand Father

Yesterday Badshah dropped a new single titled Grand Father. The song, which happens to be a Haryanvi number, has a music video that features Badshah, his father and the people of the state of Haryana.

The music is upbeat and intense. But the most interesting part is Badshah’s high pitched vocals - we haven’t heard that tone from him anywhere until now. As the name suggests, the song talks about a grandfather and the life lessons he has passed on to the new generation of youngsters.

Apart from showing different Haryanvi grandfathers, Badshah is also seen hanging around with the locals of Haryana. And along with his musical team, he was accompanied by his father too. Watch the complete music video below:

Video Url

The music is composed by Aditya Dev and has a catchy piano tune played with a groovy bass. The acoustic drumming heard during the music breakdown before Badshah’s hook line is great to listen to.  The song is penned by Raman Sisodia.

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