This is the best music video by Tiesto
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One of the world’s best DJ’s and music producers, Tiesto has come up with a music video for his recently released single titled as Grapevine. Keeping the music video short at just 2:30 minutes, it is the animation and video mixing that stand out in this video.

Grapevine catches the tempo of a House music genre beat but includes some major Electro bass sounds and leads. The vocals are heard throughout the song which is why we think the music video has been kept this short. The vocals cut- ‘My mind’ is accompanied by house genre claps which makes the overall song groovy.

Other than the frequently added audio effects, Tiesto has brilliantly used the simple sound fading technique with increasing the tempo during the rewind scenes in the music video. So, when you listen to it while watching the video, it feels like the music is on a rewind.

Tiesto isn’t new to the EDM music circuit, but his most loyal fans are still waiting for the artiste to get back to his trance days and shell out  some bangers like Adagio For Strings and Just Be. Because it is time the millennials get a taste of some old school trance music, right?

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