Billie Eilish spreads her wings with All the good girls go to hell!

Singer Billie Eilish takes you into the realm of the dark side with the music video of her latest song, All the good girls go to hell, from her recent album When We Fall Asleep Where Do We Go. The visuals of the video are terrifying. It follows a similar story to that of Bury a friend. Directed by Rich Lee and shot in Los Angeles, the fiery short film has disturbing and weird scenes - like Eilish being stabbed by syringes, wings growing from her back and her crawling out of a puddle of oil. There is a lot of fire, as though they were trying to recreate the flames of hell

The video was released after Billie and her brother Finneas's live performance of I love you at the Greek Theatre Griffith Park, Los Angeles, California.

This crazy talent called Billie Eilish, with her wacky songs like Bad Guy, Bury A Friend, has conquered the music world by doing everything she is not supposed to do, as per the rules of making it big in the music world. Her sound is weird and has a dark flavour, but that is what makes her stand out.

With this latest song, is Billie ready to spread her wings and conquer the realm of music? Check out the video and let us know what you think...

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