Brijesh Shandilya: When I heard that I was crooning for Rishi Kapoor, I put my heart and soul into it!

Brijesh Shandilya spoke to SoundboxIndia about his new projects in Bollywood. He also shared how he got the opportunity to sing for Munde da character from Jhootha Kahin Ka and Kar sama from JudgeMentall Hai Kya. 

How did you come on board for Munda da character from Jhootha Kahin Ka?

As usual, music composers call us on board - they asked me to try the song. Nowadays it has become a trend to try a song first in your voice and then, no matter what, you have to give it your best. Also, before this many people tried the song, but I think those voices were not fitting perfectly. So when I tried, it sounded good and perfect.

What was the brief given to you by Sidharth-Madhav and Sanjeev-Ajay for Munde da character?

Sidharth-Madhav is the composers and Sanjeev wrote the lyrics for this number. They told me that the song is for Rishi Kapoor, so I was really happy. And it was my dream to croon for a talented person like Rishiji. I couldn't show my excitement outside, but I’m glad that I got an opportunity - nowadays it is difficult to get such chances because there are so many singers...but of course the right voice should fit. When I heard that the song was going to be picturised on Rishiji I put my heart and soul into it and sang it with full energy. I was also told that it is a drama song and he will be singing with the other actors in the film. Finally, the song has been loved by the audience. Every song does not become a hit; it can also not strike the audience, but whoever listens to the track should enjoy and like it.

Did you feel any pressure while lending your vocals to Rishi Kapoor?

I never take any kind of pressure, because it shouldn’t affect my work. If I do, the song will not reach perfectly to the audience and composers will tell you that “It is okay, you are taking too much pressure." So you should take it in a positive way and tell yourself that 'Wow, I’m going to sing for this person'. And while crooning a particular song, you should bring that excitement in. In 2007 I lost a project because I took pressure while crooning the song. So I think you shouldn’t take the pressure and of course, people will know you for your songs. What is the point of taking the pressure? Rather, you should give your best for the songs.

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How was your experience working with Daniel B George for Kar samna from JudgeMentall Hai Kya?

I’m really thankful for Daniel sir. In 2008, when commercials were big, he was the person who gave me a lot of projects to do and sing. I didn't know what these were and didn’t know how to sing for ads. Also, I heard rumours that if you sing for ads, you didn’t have to struggle a lot. So I got work right from 2008 from Daniel sir and he is definitely my guide in this industry. He has always given me freedom in my work. The first song I sang for him was a track called Desi girl, which was for a reality show. A sound engineer recommended me to him and I thank him as well. While I was crooning Kar sama I remember he told me that my voice was really true and very powerful. So that was the first time someone complimented me with a pure heart. From the start till now, my relationship with Daniel sir has been really good. And if your performance is good, people applaud you for it. For JudgeMentall Hai Kya he called me on board and told me to sing Kar sama. This is a very low texture song and he told me that I would do it excellently.