Bruce Springsteen's Hello sunshine is a soft ballad!
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Bruce Springsteen’s released Hello sunshine from his new album, Western Stars a few days ago and the track will bring back a memory from the '90s. His heavy and melodious voice will definitely win your hearts. 

In the lyrical video, he tells the story of how the towns are lonely and how empty the roads are, and how people are filled with the pain. He sings, “I can always count on the road, the music, and the miles for whatever ails me.” In that way, don't you think it shows Springsteen’s knack for giving the country's beat importance? 

The song takes place somewhere on the journey, wethinks. The song is something that a lot of music buffs will crave to hear. The music slowly grows on you and leaves you with a warm feeling. Check out the track right above and let us know your views in the comments section below. 

Bruce Springsteen’s Western Stars is all set to release on June 14.