Chris Brown's Back to love reminds us of Michael Jackson!
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Chris Brown is back and how! 

The talented artist released his new single, Back to love just two days back and the track is the one to watch out for, and you don't really want to miss it.

The music video starts with Brown leaving his apartment and the paparazzi waiting outside for him. He gets into his car and tells his driver in French to drive him to the river. Once he arrives, he sees a mysterious gateway. He then breaks into a full-on dance routine as he walks down the street. He shows off his Michael Jackson-inspired moves on the streets as he sings about an ex-lover. 

The track is breezy and he sings, “Had a good girl, but I ain’t treat her right, I was up in the hood with bullshit every night, took a little while, but now I got it right, you opened my eyes up to see the light.” Ummm... we totally get it, Brown! The track is indeed a well-constructed song with amazing lyrics and has a powerful vibe which will make you come back to it again and again. The soft beats let Chris's vocals to stand out as well. Check out the track right here. 

Chris's track, Undecided and Back to love is the latest single from Brown’s upcoming album Indigo. So, let us know what do you think about Chris's track, Back to love? Let us know below in the comments section below.