Clinton Cerejo covers THIS Shawn Mendes song!
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When it comes to covering international pop songs, it isn't just the newcomers in the music industry who are using the internet as a platform to showcase their talent. One of the most talented singers and music producer – programmers, Clinton Cerejo has released a cover version of the Shawn Mendes song titled In my blood, with Bianca Gomes doing the vocals.

As for Bianca's voice, any listener would be hooked on to the song till the very end. Credit for this cover goes to Clinton, for composing such a simple tune. The use of audio effects makes the song even more expressive. The piano at the start is just a reminder to everyone how Clinton can make simple tunes sound so beautiful, with the easy beats. 

The music-man revealed that this isn't the end of the road for Clinton and Bianca, the duo called Shor Police - they will have many more renditions to release in the near future. This new series is called Shor Police Lite. 

Let us know which song you think will make the most exciting cover by this amazing duo.