CONFIRMED: Music composer Mishaal Kirpalani and Ira Khan are dating!

Musician Mishaal Kirpalani has a YouTube channel called Mish, where he uploads all his music projects. His first video on YouTube was called With strangers and in no time the song received a lot of appreciation.

But for now, the artiste is making headlines for something non-musical. He is dating Ira Khan, the daughter of Aamir Khan and Reena Dutta. Ira generally is off the headlines, but recently posted some pictures with Mishaal, which shot her into the limelight and the couple into paparazzi focus. SoundboxIndia has been following Mishaal - he is a musician, after all! - and by extension, Ira, since they have been sharing pictures together on various occasions like birthdays, Valentine Day and special days. if that doesn't say that they have a relationship, what does! We have proof...check out the picture! 

Now it gets good: the news about the rishta was confirmed by Ira herself. In a recent Instagram story, when a fan asked Ira about her personal life with 'Are you dating someone?', she instantly replied with a picture showing her hugging what we presume to be the love of her life - Mishaal. While we hunt for more news about the couple, you stay tuned to SoundBoxIndia for updates from the musical world.