Daniel Johnston has passed away…

He worked from his home, recording on simple equipment, but Daniel Johnston inspired more people than he could have believed, with his songs and his art. He was 58. Born in California, raised in West Virginia and becoming known as a songwriter after he moved to Austin, Texas, he gave his homemade tapes to people he met on the street. Gradually his name became known and his songs gained a huge audience. Songs like Life in vain and True love will find you in the end brought in a loyal fanbase, even though his voice was not great - but the words made sense and touched the heart. His work inspired a number of well known artistes, from Kurt Cobain to Pearl Jam, Tom Waits, Lana Del Rey, Mac Miller, and Wilco, among others. Johnston was also reputed as an artist and comic-book writer, inspiring the creator of The Simpsons, Matt Groenig.

SoundboxIndia remembers Daniel Johnston with this song:
True love will find you in the end

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