Denny: I always have been listening to Bollywood songs from a very young age!

 DJ, composer and singer, Denny has come a long way. He hails from Australia and is now based in Mumbai. SoundboxIndia got an exclusive interview with him - he had a candid conversation with Joanne D'silva. He spoke about his music career, the multi-faceted roles he plays as an artiste in Hollywood and Bollywood and more... 

You are a DJ, singer, composer... how has your musical journey been?

My musical journey has been good. My first song that I wrote was when I was studying for my school exams and a tune came in my head. I started writing songs at an early age. But I didn't have anybody to sing them, so I started singing. So my songwriting and my singing were developed and after a couple of years, I wanted to be a DJ. I started working with international artistes and people started appreciating my work. I gave Bollywood a try - I always have been listening to Bollywood songs from a very young age. Even my mother was really fond of Bollywood songs, so I think it was always in the family.

Your most recent international release called Give you up with Dido went to Number 1 in America. Can you explain how that song happened?

This song happened in 2014. I was doing a trip back and forth to Europe and as a result, in one of the sessions I had with people there, we wrote this song in a day and was done in 6 hours. We sent the video to my manager in New York who has a connection with Dido. And she loved the song - she never had taken a song from outside in her whole career. She had done songs with Eminem and songs like Here with me and Thank you. After a couple of months, we had a demo version of the song and after four-five years, the song was actually released. The album was well-received and was in the Top 5 in the world, so it was definitely an honour for me to collaborate with an amazing artiste like Dido. 

How was it working with Dido? 

Basically, the internet brings the world together and a lot of times, unless you are not based in a particular country or your work has been recorded, you don't usually end up meeting the artistes - you only connect through e-mails, phones and of course, our managers. But we connected really well and I am looking forward to working with her for a track once again. 

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You have written songs with musicians like Jaani, Hardy Sandhu, Aastha Gill, and Akasa Singh - how was your experience working with them?   

No difference from the West - working with everyone is good. I was in a studio with Jaani for 3-4 days sometime last year and I had a great experience with him. He is super-talented and of course, he has all hit list songs, as compared to many other artistes. Hardy is, of course, a great singer and working with both of them was amazing. Akasa was fun to work with and she definitely has good energy; and Darshan is a fun person to work with. I think everyone is doing great and non-film music is progressing. In Bollywood, I have been noticing that the music has been different and people are happy to try new things.