Did Himesh Reshammiya have an accident?

In this bad rainy weather, we are all conscious about taking a decision to go out, but due to important work we have to grab raincoat and umbrella and venture forth sometimes. Yes, that is just what many of our favourite Bollywoodians are doing in spite of the declared public holiday and the downpour. And while we work hard to tell you everything that matters, some shocking news just floated into our mailbox. It seems that popular Bollywood singer-composer-actor Himesh Reshammiya has been making headlines again - buzz is that he met with an accident this morning on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway. 

As per reports, an investigation has been launched in the matter. Much to the relief of his family, friends and fans, we heard an update that said that Himesh was not in the car when it was hit. Ram Rajan, Himesh's dad's driver, was in the car on the highway. He was injured, but he is fine now, we are told. Himesh confirmed the news and said: "I was not in the car, and the driver is absolutely fine. His foot is injured and he is in the hospital. We will be back soon. He was hit by some car when he came outside his car to go to the washroom. His car was also hit from the back by the other car. He is not my driver but he is my dad's driver. I’m absolutely fine, the news that I met with an accident is absolutely wrong." 

For now, Mumbai is a soggy place to be. It is raining cats and dogs and we hope that everyone is safe. Stay tuned to SoundboxIndia for updates from the world of music and Mumbai mayhem.