Dino James is out with his new track, Faltu rapper!
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Popular rapper Dino James who has amassed an enviable fan following courtesy his songs like HancockAachi maza aayiUnstoppable and Bhokali among others, is back with his latest track, Faltu rapper

The song is all about his musical journey and it has already grabbed eyeballs. The music video released a few days back and it has almost garnered over 2.7 million views. In the video, we see Dino is a unique look. It also features Rohit Sagar, Bhavana Karekar, Aditi Thapa and Ajay Sharma. 

In the track, Dino has also taken a dig at the overrated Indian rappers and slammed people who trolled his songs. Par rapper nahi hua achcha you know why bro, kyunki kar nahi paata mein achcha joint roll” he sings in a sarcastic way in Faltu rapper

Dino also shared his views about this track and said, "Initial days were frustrating but I believed in myself, in fact, I saw the funny side to all of this, I decided to make the song Faltu rapper based on all the feedback I’d been getting. We then worked on the video and I’m happy that the listeners could connect with the track and views are very encouraging” Isn't a fantastic reply? 

The rap track is sung by Dino James and the music is produced by Bluish Music (Nilesh Patel). The music is mixed and mastered by Abhishek Ghatak. The track is written and composed by Dino James. Check out the track right here. 


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