DMX to play cop right after being released

Rapper DMX was released last year after being jailed for a year. This is not the first time he has been jailed. Ironically he has been signed on to play the lead role of a cop in the upcoming psychological thriller, Chronicle Of A Serial Killer.

The film will be directed by Steve Stannulis who used to be a police officer himself. It centres on a serial killer who targets women who remind him of his mother. Talk about mommy issues!

Casting DMX in the role of an officer is interesting. Having been in prison so many times he has probably been around many and knows exactly how one would behave and thinks.

DMX became big in the rap scene in 1998 with his single Ruff Ryders anthem. He also sang alongside rap greats like Jay Z and L.L. Cool J.

For more than two decades he has had legal issues. He first went to prison for stealing a dog from a junkyard. Honestly arresting him for that was too extreme. He probably just found the dog cute! After that he was arrested multiple times for drug and weapon possession.

Hopefully he doesn’t return to prison and this movie will help him turn his life around.