Does Lady Gaga have something special to talk about?

She sure does! And no, there will be no pitter-patter of little feet just yet. Lady Gaga is not expecting a baby, she does not have a bun in the oven, she is not pregnant, but yes, she does have some ‘good news’! And it is exciting, in a differently special kind of way.

A number of reports have been floating around the Web suggesting that after a break-up with former fiancé Christian Carino and a steamy act with A Star Is Born co-star Bradley Cooper, Gaga is expecting a baby with one of them, father unconfirmed. Yes, well…. She tweeted in reply, saying that “Rumors I’m pregnant? Yeah, I’m pregnant with #LG6.” 


And that has sent fans of the Shallow singer into a frenzy, frantic for more info on what she meant. Speculation is that she is going to release a new album - soon, wethinks, because Gaga has just started following both Rihanna and producer/singer Bloodpop on Instagram, whipping up rumours of a collaboration between them. Now the debate is on, whether LG6 is what the new album will be called, or whether it is a working title and something more interesting is in store.