The Doorbeen: Our musical journey has been wonderful!

 Lamberghini fame musical duo The Doorbeen have recently associated with Jackky Bhagnani’s music label, Jjust Music. And now Omkar Singh and Gautam Sharma (Baba) will be collaborating with Alia Bhatt and Shreya Sharma for a new single, Prada. The two men spoke about the experience of working with Jackky Bhagnani and revealed what the new song is all about and more... 

From where did you guys come up with the band name- The Doorbeen?

Omkar: We have been making music for a long time, individually. Later we started making music together as a duo - that was the time we thought that we should have a name for ourselves. So we were thinking about a lot of names; then we thought of The Doorbeen.

Babu: A lot of names were coming into our minds and suddenly Omkar came up with the word 'doorbeen'. Later we found out the meaning and it was really meaningful. 

Your track Lamberghini was appreciated worldwide - can you tell how the journey has been since then?

Babu: Our song has been loved and appreciated a lot and our journey has been wonderful. 

Omkar: When we saw film celebrities dancing to our song, that was really motivating for us. And we have been trying to do our best and it motivated us to deliver it perfectly. 

Can you explain how the song happened for Jakky's music label Jjust Music?

Babu: We have made a very amazing track and people will really love it. The music is very futuristic, the title of the song is also good and lyrically also it is very catchy. 

Omkar: We have really worked hard on this track. And it is almost one year that we have been working on this song. During our musical journey we have done different kinds of music and the improvement in this song is drastic. The music is very catchy and a treat to your ears and you will want to listen to it again. We did our best and now we are looking forward to how the audience responds to our song. 

How was your experience working with Jackky Bhagnani?

Omkar: Jackky Bhagnani released his new label, Jjust Music, which totally does justice to the music and we are very happy. We meet Jackky sir one fine evening and we made him listen to some of our songs and he loved them. This song with the music label was also shared by us and he appreciated it. He has made some changes in the song. His thought process, his mind-set is good and very relateable. And what we think, he understands that completely and he thinks that he will help us to grow. 

Babu: Also, whenever we get an idea, even if it is late at night, Jackky always is very interested in it. A few days ago I got a thought at 1:00 pm; I immediately messaged him regarding it and he gave his inputs. 

Omkar: We are really getting to learn a lot from him. And his vision of independent music is very good. He believes in the music first. So we will definitely try to give our best and, of course, the best music as well. 

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What is next for you?

Babu: We have a lot of projects that will release soon. 

Omkar: We have made a lot of tracks and they are all ready. But we are waiting for the right time and the right music label to release them on. 

What are your views on independent music? 

Babu: I think the music scene in India has been growing, because earlier people used to release only film songs and independent music was hiding somewhere. I think labels like Jjust Music should increase and there should be more people like Jackky sir, because his vision is perfect and he wants musicians to be known.