Eminem hits back at Rap Devil

Eminem surprised everyone with his new album Kamikaze. The rapper dissed quite a few artistes in this album and it was not so special until one of them came back at Em with a single titled as Rap Devil. 
However Eminem was not intimated at this level till now, so he never replied to any of his diss tracks (if there were any). But this time Eminem made sure the new age mumble rappers learnt to respect the real hip hop gate keepers. He came up with Killshot and warned Kelly to stay away from Em’s daughter Hailey which apparently started off this whole feud. Listen to the song here

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However in an interview, Eminem also said he didn’t want to make Kelly famous after going after him. But Kelly didn’t seem to mind with all the media attention. He was seen promoting his new album on twitter, “Binge” afterwards. Was it a strategy? Who do you think won this round, Eminem or Kelly? Let us know in the comments section below.

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