EXCLUSIVE: This is how Sukriti Kakar will celebrate her 24th birthday!
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Sukriti Kakar is known for her vivacious personality. And today we got an opportunity to interview the talented singer.

We have all the information you  need about Sukriti and her twin sister Prakriti Kakar and what they have planned for May 8, their birthday. And guess what? They are going on a vacation. Yes, Sukriti EXCLUSIVELY told us that "I usually plan to stay at home. Every year I plan a party which I end up hosting. This year some of my friends said that we are not going to be here and we will be taking you out. So I'm just going on a little getaway with friends and will be on a beach, just happy and having fun on my special day." Wow! We were sure that she would take a much-deserved break and our guess was right. 

After singing hit numbers like Kar gayi chullMaine tujhko dekha and more,  Sukriti has been the talk of the town. She also said that she will release a new single next month which will be different from her last on, Sudar ja.  

Let us wait to watch what happens next and we hope that this birthday break brings her all the happiness she deserves. Happy birthday,  Sukriti and Prakriti!