EXCLUSIVE: Roop and Dolly Sidhu: Raj Kundra is a gentleman, full of energy!

Roop and Dolly Sidhu were at our studio recently and they spoke exclusively to Joanne D'silva about their new single, Teri maa, which released today on T-Series YouTube channel. They also talked about their experience working with lyricist Jaani,  composer B Praak, director Raj Kundra and more... 

How did you come on board for Teri maa

Roop: We were searching for a nice track after we ended our contract with Sufi Sparrows. And I contacted Jaani, who has written the lyrics for Teri maa. He told us that he would write a song for us. He is also a very good friend of ours. So the process started from there and later,  the music was done by B Praak. Dolly sang the song first in B Praak's studio. In Mumbai, we were also talking to a music company. 

Dolly: Yes, and suddenly we met Summit, who is the owner of  Music One one-two years ago. Many of them knew that we had a song which was peppy. We met him again and he asked us to play the song and in between Raj entered the office. He enjoyed the music too and asked us to play the song again and said it was very good. Raj suggested we do this song together and there the journey started. 

How was your experience working with Shamita Shetty? 

Roop: We got to know when we reached the shoot. And we weren't aware that Shamita was present there. So it was a big surprise for us. But we shot our scene differently and Shamita shot hers differently. And even though we didn't shot the music video together, the experience was good. 

Any BTS that happened while shooting the music video?

Roop: We were very happy. 

Dolly: There was no such incident that happened, but we were really happy. Of course, she is a very beautiful and talented person.

Raj Kundra has directed the music video - was he fun to work with? 

Dolly: He is an amazing man and full of energy. He is a gentleman. 

Roop: He is totally fun on set to work with. And an amazing human being. 

What is one quality you like about Raj Kundra? 

Dolly: I think he is very professional and of course, a good human being. 

Roop: Yes, a very genuine person. 

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How was it working with B Praak and Jaani? 

Roop: They are both awesome and at the same time very professional and good at what they do. 

Dolly: Jaani  pura jaan deta hai apne gaane mein 

Did you work with Jaani before this single, Teri maa

Roop: No, this is the first time. We know him for a long time but yes, working with him, this  is the first time. 

How long did it take you both to get the dance step perfect for Teri maa

Dolly: On the set... 

Roop: Yes, it took us only five minutes to get the step right. The choreographer Ranju Verghese was also surprised and told us that 'you guys are so quick'. 

What are your expectations for the song? 

Roop: I'm pretty sure that the audience will love the song, because when we heard it first, it instantly clicked with us. 

Dolly: Also, the hook line is 'Teri maa', which of course, describes a lot of things. The line is very catchy and Jaani's speciality is that every song he writes, he always writes one unique word that steals the audience's hearts and is grabbed easily by them. So we are hoping for the best and we obviously want the song to be a chartbuster hit. 

Roop: Yes, everything else is in the audience's hands. 

Since this is the first time you are singing in Bollywood, how does it feel? 

Dolly: I have sung two-three Bollywood tracks before Teri maa

Roop: She sang the title track of Bodyguard

Dolly:  I didn't get the credit for the song unfortunately, and I sang in two films Khafilaa and Santa Banta. So I have done a lot of tracks but yes, this is our first single in Bollywood and we are very excited. 

Roop: I am on cloud nine!