Farhan Akhtar's Seagull is a soft ballad!
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Singer-actor Farhan Akhtar has released the music video for Seagull, the third song from his music album, Echoes. The audio track had been released earlier. 

The music video is something that you definitely cannot miss. It features Farhan on the mic and is shot in a charming picturesque setting. Farhan's rustic voice is memorable and charming. The music has a deep vibe that will keep you hooked. It imbues a sense of peace, making it right for a romantic long drive. 

In Seagull Farhan asks his fans to not think about the past and try and move on. The song was originally written by him as a poem 25 years ago and deals with the consequences of a relationship that ended early. This one, wethinks, is for people going through a terrible heartbreak. 

In this track, the guitars are played by Frankie Chavez and Roberto Dragonetti, the keyboard by Raffaele Scogna and drums by Nic Taccori. The music has been composed by Frahan Akhat and it is soft and mellow. Check out the track above.

This is Farhan's English debut album and has 13 songs. As of now, Farhan has released Why couldn't it be me?, Rearview Mirror and Seagull. Let's wait for the rest of the album, no?