Fleetwood Mac guitarist - Lindsey Buckingham undergoes open heart surgery

Lindsey Buckingham - the lead guitarist and one of the vocalists of the Fleetwood Mac band - has been hospitalised. Reportedly he underwent a open heart surgery and has damaged his vocal cords due to the surgery.

His wife announced the news on her Twitter handle with an emotional note which revealed Lindsey’s family has a history of heart issues and he lost his dad and brother due to the same reason. She even mentioned that it was unclear if the vocal cord damage was permanent. But his tour and concert dates have been paused till the time he recovers completely. Check out her tweet below:

Lindsey joined the classic rock band back in 1975 and left it in 1987. But he did return to the band a decade later only to have a disagreement with his bandmates regarding a tour. This then led Buckingham's lawyer to file a suit as he had lost up to $14m (£10.5m) as a result of his firing. The two parties then agreed on a settlement in December.

SoundBox India wishes Lindsey Buckingham a speedy recovery and sends all the love and support to his family and fans. Stay tuned to SoundBox India for more updates.