A folk fusion homage to Ganpati by Mame Khan…

It’s a video with a twist. Where most people would focus on themselves and their music, Manganiyar artiste Mame Khan shows off an interesting and unique way of honouring the Elephant God during that time of year when all eyes are on Lord Ganesha. Khan has sand artist Sarvam Patel ‘draw’ the deity in the fine grains as he sings sonorously, ‘Jai jai Ganesha deva’. This one is described as a ‘soul project - where music meets visual live art’ and it is indeed full of devotion and creativity.

Take a look and listen:

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The tune blends traditional folk with the prosody of prayer, making it perfect for this festival season. It works as an apt background for the smooth flow of sand from the artist’s fingers, and as the picture of Ganpati takes shape, the music rises to a lovely climax with the Lord’s name.

What do you think of this song?