The FWICE ban on singer Mika Singh has been withdrawn…

If you remember, a few days ago the Federation of Western India Cine Emploees (FWIC) announced that Jumme ki raat hai singer Mika Singh had been banned from working in the Hindi film industry. This was because he had performed at an event in Pakistan when the tension between India and its neighbour was at a high. But after Mika Singh asked for an opportunity to defend himself and his actions, saying that he would never repeat the mistake, he was pardoned and the ban was lifted.

According to Singh, his visit to Pakistan was a pre-planned commitment. “I went to Pakistan so that I could visit Nankana Sahib Gurdwara.The timing was wrong that I went there because the decision on Article 370 has just been taken. I called the federation and told them that this was a mistake. I apologise for the mistake and I won't repeat it again. I got a visa, so I went (to Pakistan). If you get a visa, you will go, too," he told the media during a press briefing on the matter. But he had another point to argue - "Do you (media) know that Neha Kakkar and (Pakistani singer) Atif Aslam performed here only two months ago? Do you know that Sonu Nigam also performed together with Atif four months ago? Why did no one say anything then? When I do something, the media talks about it to grab headlines.”

But the All India Cine Workers Association (AICWA) also banned Mika Singh after he performed in Pakistan at the wedding of a relative of former president Pervez Musharraf. Has that ban also been lifted and has Mika been forgiven? We wonder