Gully Boy inspired Rap Nani to write and rap!

Ranveer Singh’s movie Gully Boy has definitely inspired a lot of local rappers to dream big and keep doing the thing they love – which is rap! The makers of the movie even launched an application called Gully Beat which gives you the option to rap like a professional with lyrics popping on the screen – very similar to Karaoke. 

But apart from that, one can even showcase their rap talent by rapping their original content over some popular hip hop beats. There’s a specific user who made Ranveer Singh so happy that he shared the video on his Instagram account. The lucky rapper was a 76-year old hair stylist from Mumbai. The movie Gully Boy inspired her to write and rap – she says.

Watch the talent that had Ranveer Singh saying ‘Bohot hard

Her MC name happens to be Rap Nani and she already has a huge fan following, the one which has Ranveer Singh and Ankur Tewari in it.

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