Happy Birthday Adam Clayton

When it comes to rock music, U2 is one of the bands to reckon with. The Irish rock band which was formed in the early 70’s is still going strong with multiple hit songs like Raised by the wolvesOne and Bad among many others. Today is the day when the band’s bass guitarist Adam Clayton turns 59. The bassist has been a part of the band since the beginning and shares some fond memories with his band mates.

Along with listening to some of U2’s popular songs which have Adam playing the bass guitar, we have some interesting facts about him which you would be surprised to know. 

- Adam lives in a house (mansion) in Dublin which was originally rented by the band to write (and record) some of the Joshua Tree songs.
- Adam Clayton has worn the same bracelet since he was 21.
- Adam and other band members have shared that they will be playing music until they hit their 70’s as they really enjoy it.

Now that we know that this isn’t the end of U2 and Adam Clayton’s music, here are some of the most popular songs which you will love to listen to.

  • One
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  • With or without you
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  • Sweetest thing
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  • Pride
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  • New year's day
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