Have you heard Ed Sheeran and Bruno Mars sing Blow?

Ed Sheeran and Bruno Mars have collaborated for the first time on a new single called Blow, which will be featured in Ed's new music album No.6 Collaborations Project. Both singers are set to blow the minds of music buffs, for sure. The song is a headbanging rock number that will ensure that it is played on loop. 

Bruno Mars and Ed Sheeran's singing and music definitely complement each other. The lyrical video starts with a heavy acoustic guitar tune and the musical treatment is filled with rock orchestration. The hook line, I'm coming baby, I'm coming for you, pull my trigger let me blow you mind. is infectious and different. The song has a mix of music genres and it sounds interesting. Check out Blow here. 

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The music of this one is produced by Bruno Mars. Earlier songs like I don’t care with Justin Bieber, Cross me with Chance the Rapper and PnB Roc and Beautiful people with Khalid were released on Mars' YouTube channel. To find out more about the songs that will be featured in No 6 Collaborations Project click the link here to explore the line-up.