Have you heard Sawan Dutta's Thayir Sadam song?

Sawan Dutta is a music director, composer, songwriter, record producer, vocalist and vlogger based in Mumbai, India. She is best known for her original songs that she releases on her YouTube account called The Metronome. 

For those unaware, thayir sadam is a South Indian style of curd rice and Sawan's musical rendition of the recipe is no less flavourful. Listen to this song while you cook up this dish - it will be so much fun! The musical arrangements are worth mentioning and the rhythm will definitely make you sway. The lyrics are fun, quirky and interesting and Sawan embodies the exuberance and energy that is perfect for this fun-filled number. 

The track will make you groove to its beats. What is really interesting is the song is written, composed, produced and performed by Sawan Dutta. What a talent, we must say!  Check out the song right here. And for more recipes - including one for butter chicken, do a search...

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