Here singer Alessia Cara talks about a bad relationship in Rooting for you!

Remember that 2015 song Here? It described exactly how people feel when they are somewhere they do not want to be, at a party, for instance. There was a realness and an honesty to it, making it appealing to so many. Now Canadian singer Alessia Cara is teasing fans with a second single from her new EP, This Summer, to be out on September 6, 2019, a little less than a month from now. Rooting for you follows Ready, which was revealed last month, in July. That one said, “You’re not ready for me”, and the new song insists, “You let go of a good thing”. So is the new EP all about breaking up and moving on? We wonder….

Rooting for you starts with a guitar and Alessia’s voice, and in the chorus the synthesizer and drums blast their way in, adding heft and an interesting rock vibe. She sings, 
I was like, damn
Why you gotta be so cold in the summertime
 I was really rooting for you….”

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For now, Alessia is opening for Shawn Mendes on his tour in North America. That part ends on September 6 and her EP will be released. Until then, “a new song will be out every couple of weeks”, she has said. So what comes next? Looks like exciting times for Ms C, no?