Ilaiyaraaja is a winner!

It is a big win for Isaignani Ilaiyaraaja as he won the intense copyright battle. It was reported by the Madras High Court that he was entitled to special moral rights over 4,500 songs composed by him for more than 1,000 movies in his career spanning over four decades. 

For those unaware, the maestro has been fighting a protracted legal battle since 2014. He had filed a civil action against the music company, Agi Music, Echo Recording, Giri Trading Company, among others. Also, he went to the court claiming copyright violation and unlawful gain of his songs by these companies.

According to the law- Section 57 of the Copyright Act, 1957 protects the right of a composer to claim a right over his compositions even after assigning them wholly or partially to others. 

We at SoundboxIndia congratulate, Ilaiyaraaja!