50 Cent explains why G-Unit didn't succeed

It's no surprise that rapper 50 Cent loves trolling people on social media. Celebrities are not safe from his jibes. But recently he did what was least expected of him. The American rapper dissed the group G-Unit in an Instagram post.

It is known that 50 Cent has been embroiled an on-going feud with G-Unit member Young Buck over financial matters. But in a recent post he aimed at every member of the group, captioning it with, ‘Some people are not built to make it, their habits and instincts will pull them right back to struggle. You put them on, they f*ck up the package.’

Check out the post below:

If this does not show how 50 Cent is dogging the band, read the comment he posted on the same post: ‘Do you realize G-Unit did 5 shows together without me. In 16 years, every time you saw them together it was my show. Now that's a big bag they f**ked up.’

While it seems very likely that there won't be a possible G-Unit reunion anytime in the future, do you think 50 Cent is telling the truth?

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