50 Cent takes over Dubai!
Video Url

Curtis Jackson a.k.a 50 Cent recently visited Dubai for a gig. The rapper also posted a short video on his official YouTube account to show what really went down in Dubai. 

You can easily make out that 50’s voice isn’t sounding normal, but the G Unit rapper did everything he could to entertain the audience. The most interesting part of the video is at the end where one individual holds up his phone which reads ‘Play a G Unit song’ near the DJ Booth.

So knowing what the crowd had come for, the rapper performed the famous In da club song which hyped everyone in the club. The crowd were even singing along to the lyrics of the song along with 50.

What did you think of 50’s Dubai gig? Do you like to see him live along with the G-Unit like in the old days? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. Keep watching this space for more news and gossip from the world of music.