Adam Lambert's Superpower has him talking about bonds!

Adam Lambert is back to impress fans with a new single called Superpower, a track infused with disco sounds. The song features on his new album, Velvet: Side A,  and Superpower sounds like a freedom anthem. Also, with Adam's amazing ability to draw melody and emotion from every note,  along with the zingy beats of the track, the music is pretty addictive.

In the music video, Lambert and his dancer friends are seen walking around the city,  driving vintage cars and having the best time. He portrays his character as a superhero,  doing heroic acts with a lot of energy and enthusiasm. 

The music also talks about the freedom everybody deserves. Adam is characteristically colourful in the music video as he sings, "Try to put me in a box, make me something I’m not, don't give an f–k ’cause I’m gonna take back my superpower." He also asks: "Do you wanna be free?” With all his Superpower on full charge,  this number is a wild ride. Check out the track right here.

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Adam has already released two songs - Comin’ in hot and Feel something - from his album, Velvet: Side A, and now the third track Superhero is making the right noises in the musical world. Did you like the song? Let us know your views in the comments section below.