Amit Trivedi says it needs b**ls to take risks, to create something original

National Award winning composer Amit Trivedi despises the trend of remaking and recreating old songs as he feels by doing this, the essence of the original track gets distorted. “I hate the remakes of old songs. I wish it ends soon. We are into the business of original music, then what is this remake? Remaking is rehashing the old songs,” Amit told IANS over phone from Mumbai.

 “If a particular singer is following this trend, then I think he is not man enough. As a musician, you should be creative and by remaking the old songs, you are just playing safe. This is not creativity.” said Amit Trivedi, who expressed his views towards this unoriginal trend. 

According to the 39-year-old music director, remaking is the safest way to reach out to the audience. “Music industry is like a business and the thumb rule of any business is to take risk. But what I am seeing now is that everyone wants to play safe. I feel such people don’t have guts. It needs b**ls to take risk. Take risk and create something original. “What will happen if your original song does not do well, you will fail, it is okay. It is life, failures will come and go but at least don’t copy,” added Amit.