Anup Jalota's new song Kesaria Balam is a romantic number
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Anup Jalota got the attention of the nation when he particiapted in Bigg Boss last year. After all the media attention around his non-musical 'talents', now he is back to show his musicality in the new song Kesaria balam.

This Rajasthani folk song features Anup Jalota, Reena Mehta and Shikhar Kumar on the vocals. The music is composed by Umesh Mishra. It is the sarangi that leads the overall music and groove of the song.

Being a Rajasthani folk number, the tempo of the track is neither too slow nor too fast. While the sounds of tabla accompany the string instruments, digitally processed electronic kicks are also heard throughout the song.

The music video features Bigg Boss contestants Somi Khan and Deepak Thakur who were also a source of discussions and gossips in the Bigg Boss house.

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