Are you ready for the big bang, asks Badshah

So he seems to be one of the most hardworking men in music today…or at least the most prolific. Badshah has just released a new single, which sounds rather like every other song that he has done, for some reason. Could it be the driving beat that runs through every number in this genre? Or is it the same old-same old image that he shows off in his music videos, with the fancy jacket and the fancy sunglasses and the rubber-bodies dancers all bopping in sync?
While we try and figure that one out, you take a look at Badshah’s new music video for Are you ready for the big bang

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Don’t get us wrong. We like Badshah and his style – of music and fashion. We like his music and play it in dance parties. We like his lyrics and his rap and his sense of fun. But we know he can do more and want to see it…like now! This one has lyrics and music by Badshah, with the video conceptualised and directed by Rakesh Thakar aka Raka. But where, as Vicky Kaushal wanted to know, is the josh?  

What do you think of Are you ready for the big bang? Do tell!