Asha Bhosle thanks Graham bell THIS is why!

Legendary singer Asha Bhosle highlighted a modern trend that is well known and for sure it will never get old! Yes, the singer was on her way to perform at Kolkata and she shared a picture of her sitting at the airport with four talented people which included, Sudesh Bhosle, who are busy on their phones. Also, in the picture, she is seen in a thoughtful pose.

Her take on this is that it is such a good company and yet there's nobody to talk to. And the one she is clearly (joking about) blaming it on is none other than Alexander Graham Bell. Bell, of course, is the Scotland-born scientist, engineer and pioneer who invented the telephone. 

Check out the tweet!

From getting supportive comments from her fans on the picture, the tweet has garnered a lot of likes. While many have commented on the picture and called it an eye-opener or a much-needed reality check in today's world. 

Now, as we know that technology has overpowered celebrity fandom, what do you guys think? Tell us na!