B Praak and Amruta Fadnavis collaborate for a musical mixtape!

SoundboxIndia earlier shared the teaser of MixTape’s new episode featuring B Praak and Amruta Fadnavis. With the Mixtape finally out, the two singers are heard singing a beautiful and soothing rendition of the songs - Teri meri and Phir se. Though Amruta Fadnavis has not been very actively involved in releasing new music, she has proved her singing talent through this mixtape.

B Praak is an amazing Punjabi singer who is not new to the emotional and soft music genre. While most of his chartbusters are based on heartbreaks, his new pop song Nain tere portrays a totally different avatar of him. The music listeners who were complaining about his new swag would be finally happy listening to B Praak in this mixtape. His high pitched singing is great as always. Listen to the complete mixtape below:

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While B Praak has proved his singing talents on various occasions, it was Amruta Fadnavis who was great to listen to. She even sang a few of the classical notes at the start of the mixtape. The combination of B Praak and Amruta’s high pitched voices were perfect for this episode of MixTape.

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