Chad gayi hai: Four is better than one!

We told you about Akshay Kumar’s legs, didn’t we? Your remember, in the song Chad gayi hai from Gold, which has a rather sloshed star cavorting around a dining room full of guests with his dhoti hiked up high, showing off gams any girl would be proud of owning. Turns out that this version of the song was chosen from four options that composers Sachin-Jigar came up with over the many months they worked on the film. Funny thing is, this final track was done in just twenty days. Inspired by RD Burman’s music, Chad gayi hai uses beer bottles, mugs and cans in the orchestration. Vishal Dadlani had to become a drunk Bengali to sing it, we heard. In the making of the tune, about 100 cans and bottles were tested, some of them imported for the job. What we really want to know is, who drank all that beer?