Chalna hai: Shahid Mallya's new independent single

The voice behind Ikk kudi and Daryaa, Shahid Mallya is out with his new independent original titled Chalna hai. The song was released under the banner of Zee Music Company. The song is composed and written by Vishnu Mishra and now has a music video.

Chalna hai is a slow and emotional number that includes a lot of acoustic sounds. In the video,  Jay Soni and Riya are a couple who love spending time together. Sadly,  everything is just figments of imagination.

Listen to Chalna hai below:

Video Url

Shahid Mallya’s vocals are exceptional. The vocal transitions are interesting and there’s a small section in the song that shows off electronic wizardry as well.

Talking to SoundboxIndia Shahid had revealed how he loves singing for Bollywood and his deep roots in Indian music. Not interested in EDM, he revealed his idols in singing were greats like Kishore Kumar and Mohammed Rafi.

Listening to Chalna hai, you get the same feel as those late singers evoked and a major portion of the credit for that belongs to the lyrics.

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