Chris Martin from Coldplay wants to take a selfie with these musicians!

Chris Martin, the lead singer of Coldplay is one of the most forthright individuals from the music industry. If you remember, a few months ago, he tweeted a list of his favourite tracks which included various other artistes from multiple musical genres.

And now, he has shared a list of artistes he is a fan of. That's not it, with the list, there's a note which says, "Here's a new set of songs that I would ask for a selfie if I saw them on the street."
Check out his tweet below:

How many artistes or musicians do you think have shared a list of their favourite musicians and asked for a selfie at the same time? But taking a selfie on the street? Now that's some other level of fan moment. 

Who would have thought the lead singer and pianist of Coldplay would be such a huge fan of these many musicians? But seriously, if he wishes he can just get their phone number and talk to them or probably face time! 

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