Darshal Raval's Dil mera blast will rule the dance floor this season!

Darshan Raval is back with a new single, Dil mera blast,  which was just released on the Indie Music YouTube channel. The brand  new music video is already trending at No #5. This number is sung by Darshan, the celebratory dance number composed by Javed - Mohsin, with lyrics by Danish Sabri.

In the music video, Darshan is seen grooving uninhibitedly to the cheerful beat and he looks adorable, completely winning hearts. His dance steps will instantly remind you of Govinda's moves. Darshan is seen romancing TV actress Heli Daruwala, with whom he seems to be in an intimate relationship. The dance steps is perfectly choreographed by Adil Shaikh and are happy and lively. 

The music is fun, catchy and entertaining. The music instantly connects with listeners as it syncs with the festive mood. The energetic singing uplifts the song and is a treat for the ears and eyes. Though the musical treatment is quite basic and nothing new at the start, the tune stays with you. Check out the music video right here.

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